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  • How To Become A Car Instructor With Driving Test Pro?


    How to become a car instructor

    Driving Test Pro is a driving school booking platform. We need car driving instructors throughout Australia. We provide great booking functions, calendars, auto booking, secure payment system, great rate, amazing customer service, competitive lesson packages, test packages, informational blogs, great review system, auto reminders, auto confirmations, great marketing strategy.-

    How to apply to become a car instructor?

    If you don't have your driving instructor license, Driving Test Pro has blog articles on what do you need to become a driving instructor? We also cover topics such as: driving instructor training, train to become a driving instructor, learn to become a driving instructor, driving instructor qualifications.

    Being a driving instructor is always rewarding with Driving Test Pro. Become an auto driving instructor (adi) needs skilled driving, cert 4 qualifications, work with children check, pass driving tests.

    How long to become a driving instructor depends on individuals. How much is it to become a driving instructor license? It varies states to states and training organizations.

    Why Join Driving Test Pro Now?

    • Driving Test Pro pays minimum 75% off total sales.
    • You can cancel your bookings at any time. T& Cs applied
    • All our driving instructors are allowed to reschedule any time. T & Cs applied.
    • You can just be available test packages and not driving lessons for the areas you service and not service.
    • Driving instructors can track all payouts in their dashboard.
    • Learners can book even instantly throughout the day for the next available slots. It could be even an hour from now.
    • So, no waiting for 24 hours.
    • We make all the functions optional for you.
    • We give constant google and Bing ads for you.
    • We give ads to other medias such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.
    • You can only be available for test packages.
    • Students can book test packages with lessons.
    • Our lesson prices are fixed at $65 an hour so you can get booked out.
    • Lesson prices start from only $56 per hour
    • We get lots of booking request everyday.
    • All Admin work is on us.
    • You don't need our logo.
    • Our sign up process is very simple.
    • We make your profile ready in no time.
    • Work when you want, where you want by setting your availability & areas of service.
    • We pay one of the highest rates in Australia.
    • There is no other admin costs.
    • Have your own Instructor’s dashboard. You can fill up booking calendar or coverage areas.
    • We have 24/7 live online chat support. So, you can always connect with us.
    • We will fully train you about our website, dashboard and how to work around them.
    • You will be given unique login and passwords Ids.
    • You don't require our sign or brand names on your car.

    How to apply to become a car instructor with us?

    Click on the top left Tab Become An Instructor.

    Fill out all the details. For Service Area, please, write what states Would you like to deliver your service into. Once your application is approved by the admin, you will be contacted via email or phone.

    You will be provided with login details with a password.

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    You may now login to your portal by click on the tab “Instructor Login “to the top right corner.

    How To Apply Driving Instructors Jobs in Australia With Driving Test Pro:

    Welcome to the poral You are now in your instructors' dashboard. You can see your booking details here. In your calendar tab, You may block out your personal events by filling out the form. Next, go to my Profile to change or edit. Here, you can select your off days, Set Interval, Fill out availabilities in your booking calendar. Next Function is Service Area: Here you can select by typing your suburbs name and please, cross check the area codes. If you can’t find your preferred service areas, please, contact us via email including the suburbs names with postcodes, so can be updated in the system for you. Next you have Test Locations: Here you can select by typing your suburbs name and please, cross check the area codes and test centre locations.

    If you can’t find your preferred Testing area locations, please, contact us via email including the name and address of the test locations. These will be updated in the system for you.

    We are here to support you. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with training on how to operate our online portal “Driving Test Pro

    Email your car driving instructor career support: career@drivingtestpro.com.au

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