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  • How To Become A Driving Instructor With Driving Test Pro?

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    Is Being A Driving Instructor A Good Job?

    Lucrative Payment Structure:

    • We share minimum 75% off revenue share.
    • Lesson prices start from only $56.875/hr.
    • We pay one of the highest rates in Australia.

    Extensive Advertising:

    • We give constant Google and Bing ads for you.
    • We give ads to other media such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

    Flexible Working Options:

    • You can only be available for test packages.
    • Work when you want, where you want by setting your availability & areas of service.

    Streamlined Administration:

    • All Admin work is on us.
    • Our sign up process is very simple.
    • We make your profile ready in no time.

    Booking Convenience:

    • Students can book test packages with lessons.
    • We get lots of booking requests every day.

    No Additional Costs:

    • There is no other admin costs.

    Branding Flexibility:

    • You don't need our logo.
    • You don't require our sign or brand names on your car.

    Comprehensive Support:

    • We have 24/7 live online chat support. So, you can always connect with us.
    • We will fully train you about our website, dashboard, and how to work around them.
    • You will be given unique login and password IDs.

    Instructor Empowerment:

    • Have your own Instructor’s dashboard. You can fill up the booking calendar or coverage areas.

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