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    Driving Test & Driving Lesson Packages

    Are you ready for your practical driving test?


    $189 ONLY

    Driving test package includes:

    • Pick up exact 1 hour before practical driving test start time
    • 45 minutes pre-test warm up
    • Take our instructors vehicle for test
    • Drop-off after your driving test score is received
    • This driving test package is all add up to 2.5 hours
    • You must book your driving test appointment with your local road authority e.g. service NSW
    • This driving test package only books the instructor and car only

    Our test package books the instructor & vehicle only. You must book your own driving test with your local roads authority. Test package not available in ACT, SA and TAS.

    Are You Ready For Your Driving Test?

    Book a driving test package is simple with Driving Test Pro.

    Large number of driving instructors in AU.

    We have male & female driving instructors.

    Get a pre-test warm up lesson before your driving test.

    Know Your Driving Test Routes.

    Use your driving instructor's vehicle on the day.

    Affordable Driving Test Packages.

    Pass your driving test or P's test easy.

    Get Your Driving License Today.

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