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  • How To Become A Driving Instructor In South Australia (SA)?


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    Becoming a driving instructor in South Australia is a rewarding career choice for individuals passionate about road safety and education. However, navigating the process requires careful consideration of various factors, including eligibility requirements, training, and practical steps to establish yourself in the field. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the essential steps and considerations for aspiring driving instructors in South Australia.

    1. Eligibility Requirements:

    Before embarking on the journey to become a driving instructor, it's crucial to ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria set forth by the South Australian government's Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI):

    Hold a full, unrestricted South Australian driver's license for a specific period, usually several years.

    Maintain a clean driving record, free from serious traffic violations or offenses, demonstrating responsible driving habits.

    Undergo a thorough background check, including a Working with Children Check (WWCC), to ensure suitability for working with student drivers.

    2. Training and Certification:

    To become a certified driving instructor, individuals must complete a recognized driving instructor training program accredited by the DPTI. These programs provide comprehensive training in road safety, teaching methodologies, communication skills, and instructional techniques tailored to learner drivers. Key aspects of training include:

    Completion of a certified driving instructor course, which covers theoretical and practical aspects of driver education.

    Acquisition of a certificate or qualification upon successful completion of the training program, serving as evidence of competence and readiness to become a driving instructor.

    3. Practical Considerations:

    In addition to completing training and certification, aspiring driving instructors should consider practical aspects of establishing themselves in the field:

    Gain practical experience by observing experienced driving instructors or assisting in driving lessons to develop teaching skills and confidence.

    Ensure that vehicles used for driving instruction meet all safety and regulatory standards prescribed by the DPTI, including regular maintenance checks and appropriate insurance coverage.

    Register a driving instruction business if planning to operate independently or start a driving school, ensuring compliance with business registration, licensing, and regulatory requirements.

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    4. Continuing Education and Professional Development:

    Even after obtaining a driving instructor license, ongoing education and professional development are essential for staying updated on changes in road rules, regulations, and teaching methodologies. Consider:

    Participating in continuing education courses or workshops to enhance teaching skills and knowledge.

    Networking with other driving instructors and industry professionals to share insights, resources, and best practices.

    5. Marketing and Promotion:

    For those establishing their own driving instruction business, effective marketing and promotion are crucial for attracting students:

    Develop a marketing strategy that includes creating a website, distributing promotional materials, and leveraging social media platforms to reach potential clients.

    Highlight unique selling points, such as personalized instruction, flexible scheduling, or specialized training programs, to differentiate your services in the market.


    Becoming a driving instructor in South Australia requires dedication, training, and a commitment to promoting road safety and education. By meeting eligibility requirements, completing certified training programs, and considering practical aspects of establishing a driving instruction business, aspiring instructors can embark on a fulfilling career shaping the next generation of responsible drivers.

    For detailed information on the specific requirements and procedures for becoming a driving instructor in South Australia, individuals are encouraged to consult the official website of the Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure or contact their local licensing authority for assistance.

    Becoming a driving instructor or driver trainer in South Australia (SA):

    • Get experience as a passenger. Before you become a driving instructor, its a good idea to get experience as a passenger in a car. This will help you understand what its like to be a learner driver and what they need from an instructor.
    • Be patient and understanding. Learner drivers can be nervous and make mistakes. Its important to be patient and understanding with them as a driver trainer.
    • Be positive and encouraging. Learner drivers need positive reinforcement to learn. Be sure to praise them for their progress and offer encouragement when they make mistakes.
    • Be a good role model. Learner drivers are watching and learning from you. Be sure to set a good example by driving safely and following the road rules.

    Decision to issue a licence in South Australia:

    The Registrar of Motor Vehicles or their delegate must review all aspects of your application before a decision can be made to issue an MDI licence. If your application is properly made, you have met the pre-requisites and successfully passed your regulator assessment and road law theory test, your application and qualifications will be forwarded to the registrar for a decision on whether to issue an MDI licence.

    In making a decision on whether to approve the issue of an MDI licence the registrar must be satisfied the applicant, in addition to meeting all the pre-requisites, is:

    • fit and proper to hold an instructor’s licence
    • proficient as a motor driving instructor.

    Your application is unlikely to be accepted if you have:

    • been convicted of any sexual, fraud, financial, violent, drug related or theft offences
    • a history of driving offences, licence disqualifications or suspensions.

    In addition, if you are unable to demonstrate proficiency as an MDI during the regulator assessments, your application may be refused.

    Becoming a driving instructor in SA, can be a rewarding career. If you're patient, understanding, and have a passion for teaching, then you may be a good fit for this profession.

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